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    Derek Weber

    O: (720) 515-7713

    Derek Weber swore he would never get into real estate.

    His passion was in computer information systems, which is what he earned his degree in from University of Mary, and that’s the field in which he worked for most of his professional life. He worked steadily in the education field, and while the work was good, Derek came to realize it was sort of unfulfilling.

    About this time, Alex Tooke had founded the Peak Properties Group, and since right from the beginning Alex envisioned Peak as a team, Derek thought his skill set could be complementary to Alex’s as they embarked on a new chapter. With Derek’s experience in information technology as well as his minor in accounting, Derek joined and began supporting Alex by qualifying leads and following up with clients.

    “I was terrible at it,” jokes Derek. “I have some social anxiety, so it was tough sometimes to call a person I’d never talked to.”

    Thankfully, the team grew pretty quickly and Derek is back home doing what he loves. He keeps the Peak Properties engine humming by keeping the books, working on the company’s marketing strategy and placements, developing and optimizing the website and supporting the team members.

    Derek has evolved into the team’s moral support, which is a natural next step in his career, because, in his own words, “I’ve been told many times throughout my life that I should’ve been a psychiatrist.” He adds, “I’ve been deemed the most patient person anyone has ever met.” He attributes his incredible patience to his upbringing and having patient parents and grandparents. Given how stressful the world of real estate can sometimes be, Derek’s patience is an incredible asset to the entire Peak Properties team.

    Thinking back on his initial reluctance to join Alex in the world of real estate, he likes to remind people that it’s never too late to make a career change. His dad is a perfect example of this. For the first 17 years of his life, his dad was a farmer and rancher. He decided he’d had enough of that work, sold the cattle and rented out the farm. He’s re-invented himself in the world of construction and retail.

    “As anxious as I can be, I’m still a good risk taker,” Derek notes. “I think Alex helps with that, and I think we balance each other well.”

    3 Completely Random Facts About Derek:

    • A voracious reader and movie buff, Derek adopts this philosophy: “When a bestseller becomes a movie, I always read the book first. I’d rather be disappointed by a movie than the other way around.”

    • Derek is a gamer, and among his favorite titles are the Final Fantasy series and any Legend of Zelda game.

    • Having traveled all over, Derek’s favorite place to visit was Ireland largely because of how beautiful it was.