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    Baker – Denver, Colorado

    Baker is a neighborhood in the middle of the city of Denver and west of the South Platte River and south of Denver’s downtown area. This neighborhood is home to hundreds of older buildings which originate from the mid to late-1800’s as well as modern single family homes, apartments, condos and several shopping centers.

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    The local historic district, more commonly known as South Side-Baker Historic District, has been entered into the National Register of Historic places. Since 1985, the Baker community has continually strived to preserve historic areas, while developing a more contemporary environment to serve the needs of its residents and guests.

    Baker Primary and Secondary Schools

    Although many children who live in Baker attend schools that are in other Denver neighborhoods, Baker is home to several public schools:

    • More K-8 School
    • Fairmont K-8
    • West High School

    Public Transportation

    Like all areas in Denver, residents of Baker have several options for public transportation. The Regional Transportation District bus company has several bus stops in the Baker neighborhood, many of which lead to the city’s public light rail system. Baker is also serviced by the Denver Yellow Cab company.



    Although there are numerous restaurants, boutiques and big box stores throughout the Baker area, Broadway is a small, but important street which is home to a high density of retail stores, specialty shops, restaurants and office buildings. This is an excellent place to shop, dine and run errands without having to drive far.

    Baker Attractions

    Baker Historic Society

    The Baker Historic Society strives to educate the public about the rich history of the Baker community and preserve historic areas.

    South Platte Riverfront

    The scenic riverfront of the South Platte River is home to natural areas, small restaurants and boutiques, which give both visitors and locals alike a chance to enjoy the quaint, small town feel of the community.


    The parks in Baker are one of the many attractions that enable the neighborhood to combine all the services and conveniences of a large city with the pleasant charm of a small town. Despite being a small neighborhood, Baker is home to several parks:

    • Dailey Park
    • Phil Milstein Park
    • Cherokee Street Park

    Other Noteworthy Facilities

    Denver Health Medical Center the biggest and most well-equipped medical facility in the Denver area. This 8-clinic hospital is open 24 hours per day and is affiliated with the University of Colorado Denver.

    The Denver Branch of the United States Mint is also located in the Baker area. This organization periodically offers tours of its facility.