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    Agent Reboot Denver scheduled for Feb. 19, ambassadors announced


    Agent Reboot, a one-day real estate agent conference created by the Inman News Group, will be holding its next event in Denver on Wednesday, February 19, at the Denver Marriott Tech Center.

    Before each conference, a group of industry leaders from each host location are picked to serve as city representatives for the event and our very own Alex  Tooke is one of those select few chosen.

    In a recent interview, Tooke provided more insight into Agent Reboot Denver and the role Ambassadors play in the process:

    QDescribe the role of an Agent Reboot Ambassador and how they may differ from, say, a sponsor or a speaker?

    A: As an ambassador I am in the community and industry as a spokesperson to promote the event and build excitement for technology and the event.

    QPrimarily, what motivated you to get involved with Agent Reboot and the Ambassador program with Inman?

    A: I love InmanNews and the promotion of tech in the [real estate] industry is a main focus of mine and has always been a passion. I have been an advocate of Agent Reboot ever since I got in to [real estate] 4 years ago. Agent Reboot was my first event as a new agent and set the tone for all of the decisions I’ve made up to this date.

    The importance of focusing on where the industry is going vs. where it has been needs to be the focus of every [real estate] agent, young or old.

    QAre there any speakers/presentations during Agent Reboot that you’re especially excited for?

    A: I’m looking forward to hearing Laurie Weston Davis’s presentation about building a agent brand and how important it is to focus on who you are in the industry.

    Q: Imagine: You’re trying to sell Agent Reboot to an agent/broker that may be on the fence about attending. How would you encourage them to go?

    A: I am asked all of the time, “What events or education should I focus on as a new agent?” I am always responding that you should focus on things that you are passionate about, find events that you can surround yourself with people that you admire and want to learn more from. Agent Reboot is just that for me. It was the first even as a new agent that I want to and it has been a focus of mine ever since!

    Registration is $59 per person and tickets can be purchased online.

    For more information, or to register, visit Agent Reboot Denver’s official website.

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