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    Welcome the Car2Go service to Denver!

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    After Denver‘s Bike Share program skyrocketed in use resulting in a multitude of new bike stations we started wishing there was a different option… because you just can’t go get groceries on a bike. Now we have that option with the new Car2Go service in Denver with a membership as low as $35.

    The Car2Go service consists of over 200 low-emission smart cars distributed throughout the city. With a membership these cars become available on demand for as long as you like with no commitments to a time it needs to be returned or a location to be returned to. Just simply drive it for as long as you need on a by-the-minute basis and return to one of the approved parking areas in the Car2Go “Home Area“.  Parking, fuel, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, GPS, 24/7 customer service, and roadside assistance is ALL included and the longer you drive the cheaper it becomes.

    You can find the cars through the home area using the website or Car2Go Mobile App. If one is available it will show up on the map. Take it for a spin by unlocking it with your member card. When you’re done just drop it off at an approved spot, lock it with your member card, and it becomes available on the map to the next person. If you need to hold onto it just take the keys out, lock the door, and it marks the car as in-use on the map for your return. You can even take them out of the home area as long as you take the keys with you and return them to the home area.

    There are a few items to remember for where to park when using the Car2Go service:

    1.  You can park anywhere in the home area. If the space has a time limit it MUST be at least a 2 hour limit. The nice thing is you can park them in any Residential Permit Parking spots without a time limit.

    2.  You are more than welcome to take the cars out of the home area but remember you will be charged the entire time and you must take the keys with you. This is was Car2Go considers a “stopover”.

    3.  You unfortunately cannot end your time in private lots or garages that are not designated by Car2Go.  A list of designated parking spots can be found on the website here.

    Don’t forget, you are responsible for any fines or tickets and they are simply applied to your membership.

    Car2Go Trip Rates

    For a limited time, sign up for a FREE lifetime membership and receive 30 minutes of free drive time here!

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