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    Event Spotlight: The 4th Annual 1940’s White Christmas Ball – Denver, CO


    In today’s modern world, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the simpler things are often the best things in life. The founders of the White Christmas Ball want every guest to remember the glory days of the 1940s.

    With the time that you spend running around town to finish up your errands, addressing all of those holiday cards, putting up a tree, shopping and decorating, you might forget what Christmas is really about. Remind your friends and family of a simpler time with a trip to this fun-filled event.

    Movie Reenactments

    When someone asks you to name the best holiday films of all time, you probably list It’s a Wonderful Life and White Christmas. The founders of the White Christmas Ball love those films too, which is why you can enjoy a few reenactments on the big night.

    Watch the Haynes Sisters burst into some of your favorite holiday tunes from White Christmas, and enjoy the reenactments of your favorite scenes from It’s a Wonderful Life. The event also offers some other fun events, including carolers and other singers belting out tunes.

    Hollywood Pin Up Contest

    The 1940s were the heyday for pin up models. These women worked with photographers to create classic images that people still love today. Many of the soldiers fighting overseas even admitted that they used those images when things got rough, and some men got through the hard times by dreaming of landing a pin up model back home.

    At the White Christmas Ball, pin up models get the chance to spread their wings again. Dozens of women enter the Hollywood pin up contest, and amateurs have the opportunity to compete against some of the biggest names in the fashion world. Even if you don’t enter the contest yourself, you’ll love watching the women who do.

    Professional Amateur Jack and Jill Dance Contest

    Are you ready to spread your wings yourself? When you grab a dance partner and hit the floor, you might just feel like you’re floating on air. The professional amateur Jack and Jill dance contest is open to any guest who wants to rock out on the dance floor.

    This is your chance to show off some of your favorite swing dance moves, enjoy the talented big bands playing in the background and watch the elegant moves of some of your competitors.

    Get in the Spirit

    Get in the 1940s spirit with the exclusive hair salon located right outside the ball. The stylists working here can turn even the most modern of hairstyles into something that would make Lana Turner weep in envy.

    This salon is open for six hours before the ball starts, but it does have limited spots. If you want a 1940s or 1950s era hairdo for the big dance, make sure you reserve your spot in advance.

    The White Christmas Ball is the ultimate vintage event in Denver. With big bands, a dance contest, a contest for amateur pin up models and dozens of other events, you’ll love dancing the night away.

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