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    LoHi Denver: What’s Old is New Again, and Rocking!

    Denver is a dynamic city with one of the fastest-growing real estate markets in the United States. Part of its attraction is the vibrant neighborhoods that have developed in and around downtown Denver. LoHi Denver is one of those neighborhoods that attract urban professionals and young families.

    All About LoHi Denver

    One of the mysteries about LoHi Denver is that many people aren’t even sure where it is.

    The area now known as Highland was settled in the late 1800s. By the 1920s, many Italian immigrants settled in the area, and Highland became known as Little Italy.

    As Denver’s population grew, more young people wanted to live near downtown. But, they also wanted a feeling of their own community, and Highland fit the bill. The population boom brought new trendy businesses into the area. Life was good.

    Recently, more businesses settled in the southern part of the Highland area. Yet, people were getting confused when told one of them was in Highland. So, the developer of a major piece of property in the area decided to call it the LoHi Marketplace. The name caught on and people are now referring to the area as just LoHi, standing for Lower Highland.

    Today, the area holds an eclectic mix of people, restaurants and shopping areas. As far back as 2012, Forbes granted LoHi 17th place in a list of America’s Best Hipster Neighborhoods.

    For those of you not familiar with that term, it means someone “who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.” It sounds like a word out of the 60s, but the residents in LoHi would hardly disagree.

    There is some disagreement about where LoHi Denver is exactly. However, some local experts say that the boundaries run on 38th Street on the north, I-25 on the east, Speer Boulevard on the south, and Zuni Street on the west. Local residents and businesses don’t really care, but with this knowledge, you can impress others by sounding like a city expert.

    LoHi Denver

    LoHi Denver Homes

    The homes in LoHi are like those in many urban settings. Condominiums, townhomes, and lofts dominate the real estate market. But, you can find single-family homes, some new and some old.

    Historic home renovations happen every day. Townhome and single-family home renovations typically keep the things that reflect the heritage of the area, such as hardwood floors and quaint fireplaces. But, you’ll also see modern masterpieces since new construction is another trend.

    You’ll find townhomes built in 2014, new single-family homes built as recently as 2018, and condominium projects that are still under construction. Most of the interiors are current with the latest trends. For example, you’ll see sleek finishes, kitchens with quartz counters and big islands, and master bedrooms with walk-in closets and luxurious baths.

    The Edge LoHi is an example of a new condominium development in LoHi. The developers are proud of the cutting-edge designs used in the condos that have views of the Denver skyline. Floor plans include a one bedroom, one bath that has a kitchen island, even though it fits into 622 square feet of space.

    On the high end of the options, you’ll find a three bedroom, two bath condo that boasts almost 2,500 square feet of living space. It also includes unique features such as a mezzanine with a built-in wet bar and two balconies you can use to soak in the city views.

    LoHi Denver

    Things to Do In and Around LoHi Denver

    Many people who live in LoHi enjoy stopping in to one of the coffee shops, restaurants or bars to meet friends and take life easy. But, there are other things to see and do. LoHi is less than a mile from downtown Denver. With the Highland Pedestrian Bridge in place, LoHi residents can walk or bike across the river with ease.


    You’ll find a variety of shops and boutiques in LoHi. For example, Common Era is a popular women’s boutique. It prides itself on offering big city styles at small town prices. Shoppers love the stylists who help them choose attractive outfits that cater to their style.

    Samantha Larkins owns Metalmark Fine Jewelry. She has a passion for jewelry and works to highlight emerging and established designers from the local area and around the world. She works at offering unique designs for every taste and price point.

    Just over the river, you’ll find the 16th Street Mall. It covers a mile-long area that is full of stores offering clothing for men and women, accessories, jewelry, and shoes. You can enjoy outdoor cafes, fountains and plazas. Everyone enjoys the variety of special events, and entertainers who perform on a daily basis.

    Common Park

    Common Park is across the river toward downtown Denver. It’s 25 acres of loveliness where you can play Frisbee or organize a picnic. It’s also a great place for people watching as you take a stroll along the walking paths, or sit and watch the South Platte River sparkle in the sunlight.

    The National Velvet Sculpture

    It doesn’t take long, but you need to take a look at the National Velvet sculpture located next to the 16th Street Pedestrian Bridge. It’s an almost popular landmark in LoHi.

    The city installed it in 2008 after Denver visual artiste John McEnroe completed it. People in the know say that it’s the most talked about piece among the city’s public art displays. The question for most people is, “What is it?”

    Answers to that question range from a pile of raw beef, to sausage links or intestines. However, according to the artist, it doesn’t represent anything. And, the name came about because McEnroe was watching the old movie of the same name while he created the piece.


    Just over the river, you’ll find the MCA, or the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the National Ballpark Museum. So, whether your tastes run to art or sports, you’ve got a great place to wander.

    LoHi Denver

    Where to Eat in LoHI Denver

    LoHi is lucky to have a large number of diverse eating places, representing a wide range of cuisines.

    · Senor Bear: This restaurant is named after the executive chef, whose nickname is Whisky Bear. If you’re looking for Latin American faire prepared with modern cooking techniques, give it a try.

    · Root Down: This restaurant caters to a variety of dietary preferences. They can accommodate vegetarians, vegans and gluten free diners, along with regular carnivores. Their menu includes the bounty from their two onsite gardens, and they emphasize organic, natural, and local ingredients.

    · Avanti F& B: Food halls with a European flair are popular in Denver. The Avanti F&B hosts seven restaurants, giving diners an exciting mix of choices. Included in the hall are restaurants like Bistro Georgette and Borracho Taco.

    · Bar Dough: This restaurant gives traditional Italian cuisine a new face. The modern-rustic décor gives diners a chance to sample gourmet wood-fired pizzas, pastas and a fine selection of beer, wine and cocktails.

    · Uncle: You’d never think of this as the name for a neighborhood restaurant serving a new take on traditional ramen. They also serve Asian-influenced dishes with custom noodles, meat, fish, and eggs.

    · Spuntino: You’ll never get bored eating at Spuntino because the Italian menu changes with the seasons. Its other claim to fame? They make their own liqueurs and amaro, an Italian after-dinner herbal liqueur.

    · El Five: The menu emphasizes Mediterranean food, including Moroccan flavors and Spanish tapas. You can enjoy your meal with a bird’s eye view of Denver and the Highlands.

    · The Truffle Table: If you’re in the mood for good wine, fine cheese and time to spend with friends, stop by. However, you can also make a meal at LoHi’s cheese bar since their menu includes more than just cheese.

    · Little Man Ice Cream: When you’re on 16th street, you probably can’t help but notice the 28-foot tall cream can. It’s a local landmark, serving handmade ice cream in a variety of flavors. Options include cones, sundaes, splits, malts and more. There are even some mouthwatering sorbets for vegan tastes.

    You Don’t Need to be a Hipster to Live in LoHi Denver

    LoHi is a very inclusive neighborhood. Anyone who loves the feeling of a small community close to Denver’s big city amenities would find LoHi a great place to live. But, there are a wide range of choices in the Denver area to fit anyone’s lifestyle.

    Whether you’re buying or selling, the local experts at Peak Properties Group know that it’s a big deal, and we can’t wait to help you meet your goals. Call us at 720-515-7713 or send an email and let’s get to know each other!

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