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    Meet the PPG Team: Agent Spotlight

    The Peak Properties Group is a rapidly growing team that’s made up of talented, tenacious and unique group of individuals who make excellent customer service their goal, day in and day out.

    We interviewed property specialists, from left to right, Whitney ElliotAlexis MyersMonique Twyman and Carrie Wigglesworth to give you a better perspective of our culture, what we strive to accomplish on a daily basis and what makes us, well, tick:


    Q: How would you define yourself?

    CW: I’m a knowledgeable, savvy agent who understands the buying or selling process is often hard to navigate, so I aim to assist my clients in successfully reaching their goals with professionalism, commitment and efficiency.

    I have been through the process myself a few times in the Denver market and recognize its often-volatile changes can easily and quickly affect the ease I want my clients to
    experience, so I work hard.

    AM: I am a mother of two beautiful girls with an amazing career in real estate.  I am ambitious, spirited, and caring.  I will go above and beyond to help others.


    QOn your days off what do you enjoy doing?

    WE: My days off are spent with family. We love to be outdoors and enjoying parks, trails, and embracing the Colorado atmosphere.

    MT: I love spending time outdoors with my family and friends. We love walks to the recreation center or nearby restaurants.


    QIf somebody only had one day in Colorado, what would you recommend they do?

    WE: I would recommend riding the Georgetown Loop Railroad and touring the mines in Georgetown. I would also recommend spending a day white water rafting it is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and nature!


    QWhat is your favorite new restaurant or bar?

    CW: I’m a devoted eater, so picking just one is difficult…

    AM: My favorite restaurant has actually been around for awhile.  Sullivan’s Steakhouse is amazing.  If you enjoy steak or fish, it is the best in Denver.  I love the jazz bar and enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant.


    QWhat is one thing you are passionate about?

    WE: Seeing the world.

    AM: Cooking!  I am passionate about trying new recipes, entertaining friends and family, and I love to watch cooking shows to get new ideas.

    MT: Education. Whether it be education for my children, my career or my clients. I love learning about any and everything I can.

    CW: Living life, seeing where it takes you, and handling the challenges with the ability to bend but not break.


    If’ you’d like to learn more about the interviewees, or any of the team members of PPG, visit our “Meet the Team” page or call our offices at (720) 515-7713.

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