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    Moving Day: Tips, Tricks, and How to Prepare

    Moving is a real pain for most people. There is so much to do, it’s expensive, and it’s frustrating. There are some tips that help you prepare for moving day. These might just make it a little less stressful – and save you some money too.
    Here are moving day tips, tricks, and how to prepare.

    Organization is Key

    If you have a timeline of when you’re moving, be sure to take advantage of getting organized. If you have 30 days or 120 days, make a list of what needs to be done each week – then do it.

    Start With Strategy

    Whether you’re moving across the country or down the street, a plan needs to be implemented. Start calling moving companies to get prices or see if they’re available. If it’s nearby, start asking friends if they can help or look at hiring local movers.

    Get the Right Type of Transportation

    Whether your move is large or small, the right truck is crucial to a successful move. According to Style At Home:
    In general, the contents of bachelor and one-bedroom apartments will fit in a 16′ cube truck available at your local rental company. Two to three fully furnished bedrooms will require a 24′-26′ truck to ensure your move is completed in one load. The contents of most houses can be moved in the same 24′ truck with one or two trips.

    Stay Communicative

    Once you have chosen your movers, keep them informed on anything relevant. For instance, if you have large items like a piano or certain furniture that is fragile, let them know. Sure, they can easily see that you have a piano in your den but being vocal about certain items is never a bad idea.

    Participate in the Purge

    No, not THE Purge, just purge some of your belongings. If there are things you do not need, why pay the added expense to move them? This is a great time to donate unwanted clothing, furniture, or household items that no longer serve their purpose.
    According to Moving Company Reviews:
    What are your options for furniture donation? You can try everything from national nonprofits to local groups to see which ones will take your stuff.
    Keep in mind that if you happen to have a lot of stuff to donate, you can get a tax credit the next year. It’s a high threshold but it may be worth looking into.

    Go Green

    You don’t have to entirely go green on a move but instead of wasting boxes, why not use totes that are reusable? This is a great way of storing things you don’t need right away and the totes can be used for other things in the future. And look at all the waste you’re saving.
    While you’re at it if you do use boxes to move to start getting them before it’s time. Visit your local stores and grab some, see if anyone has free boxes they are getting rid of, and find them as cheap as possible. Keep in mind that smaller boxes may not hold as much but are easier to maneuver.
    Furthermore, use things you already have like luggage. You have to take these things with you anyway so why not use the extra space? Luggage is perfect to use to pack clothing, makeup, and things like that.
    Speaking of packing, try to avoid using trash bags. While they can be convenient for clothing, someone could mistakenly toss out your belongings. If you do this anyway, be sure they are close to you and everyone knows not to throw anything away.

    Spreadsheets Are Your Friend

    Having an inventory of your belongings is integral with keeping up with things. If anything is missing, you have a record of what was there instead of finding out weeks or months down the road. Plus, it helps you be able to sort things easier once you’re moved.
    While you’re at it, prepare the things you will need on moving day. This includes things like hygiene products, cleaning supplies, trash bags, light bulbs, and anything that you don’t want to have to look for.

    Learn the Rules

    Some apartment buildings and condos have rules on moving such as certain days being off-limits. These are usually on Sunday. Before you choose your time or day, be sure that it is acceptable to wherever you are moving to.

    Take Care of Your Furry Friends

    If you have pets, make sure they are taken care of throughout the move. If you have to hire a pet sitter then that’s better than risking your pets getting loose. Pets are often traumatized by a new situation so keep their well-being in mind.

    Label Your Boxes

    Moving companies usually know what they have packed if you are paying for the packing. But if you are packing things up yourself, make sure to label your boxes. Whether you want to put specific names on the boxes or just want to put the room the items go in, it’s a good idea and makes things much easier to locate later. Plus, these items can go in the correct room immediately instead of having to move things around once you’re settled.

    Be Ready

    No matter who is helping you move, be ready for them. It only wastes time and money to have to rush around getting things in order once someone is ready to go. Your friends may not appreciate it or stick around as long and the movers won’t appreciate being behind schedule either.
    While moving may be a hassle, you can easily make it less stressful by following the tips you just read. Reach out us at Sold By Peak to plan your next move in Denver!

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