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    Peak Performance: An Interview with Realtor Alisha Freeman

    Alisha Freeman is a real estate agent at Peak Properties Group. You can contact her at or 720-314-9425.

    Can you give me a little bit about you and your background? What prompted you to get into the real estate industry?

    Before I was a realtor, I was a counselor. I worked with kids and families. I also led divorce groups. Helping people reach their goals and live their best life is fulfilling and what drives me. I love watching others experience joy. There’s a lot of similarities between counseling and real estate. Both involve assessment, guidance, and advocating. I receive similar satisfaction in real estate as I did from counseling when I walk a client through the process of buying a home and reaching the final goal of becoming a homeowner. 

    What drives you to be the best at what you do in real estate?

    Serving my clients the best I can is what drives me to be the best at what I do.  I gain a deep sense of satisfaction, not only in just helping my clients find a home but finding them the best home. I always keep the big picture in mind and make sure my clients not only have what’s best for them right then and there but also what’s financially best for them down the road. 


    What does being a realtor mean to you and your clients?

    Being a Realtor to my clients is about being so many things for them- a counselor, educator, negotiator, and financial advisor. It comes down to advocating for my clients at every step of the process.

    In today’s market, why is it important for a buyer or a home seller to use a realtor to buy or sell a home?

    Using a Realtor to buy or sell a home is very important. Realtors are involved with a local, state, and National Realtors Association. We abide by the highest standards that involve staying current in the industry through continuing education, Code of Ethics, and Standards of Practice courses. Buying or selling a home is the biggest financial decision a person is going to make and using a qualified and knowledgeable Realtor is the most intelligent decision.


    What do you want prospective clients to know about you?

    That I’ll take care of them as a client and as a friend because we do become good friends throughout the process. I am totally committed to my clients and I am happy when my clients are completely satisfied.

    What’s your best memory/client success story within the real estate industry?

    My favorite client memory is helping a recently-divorced mom own her first home on her own. She was convinced that she couldn’t get a loan or buy a house. She had been a stay-at-home mom so she was new to the workforce. I connected her with the resources she needed and showed her what an excellent investment owning a home is to take care of herself and her children.

    I still talk to this particular client and it feels good when she continues to say how happy she is to have her home and she is glad I encouraged her to take that step. It has given her so much pride and security. I love this.

    What’s your favorite thing about living in Colorado?

    Colorado has the best of both worlds. The mountains are a beautiful majestic natural backdrop for so many fun outdoor activities, and then we have the city life of Denver. Denver is a vibrant city that offers excellent music, theater, food, entertainment, sports, and constant enjoyment.

    What’s one fun thing about you?

    My sense of adventure. I am always ready for a spontaneous road trip to the mountains for a yoga or music festival. Going to comedy shows on a regular basis keeps me sane. Laughing is the best medicine to deal with the stresses of life. I love the Nuggets. Whether they’re doing good or bad, I am loyal to my home team.

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