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    Peak Performance: An Interview with Realtor Jake Long

    Jake Long is a realtor at Peak Properties Group. You can contact him at 720-515-7713 or

    Can you give me a little bit about you and your background? What prompted you to get into the real estate industry?

    I am a Colorado native – originally from Broomfield. I have a background in sports; I did some committee work for the NCAA in my college years and played baseball in school. When I got done with college, I was coaching and wanted to continue to do it.

    That’s how I got into real estate. I had the flexibility to work in it and continue my coaching. But the reason I stayed in real estate is that I’ve learned, and I’ve been able to see how big of an impact a good realtor is on the people buying a house, and how much you can make a difference in their purchasing.

    What drives you to be the best at what you do in real estate?

    I think it’s really my clients. So many people think they understand the real estate market and how it works when they really don’t. Being that person who can help them – since it’s such a big purchase and such a big part of someone’s life – the smoother I can make it and the better of a transaction it is for them, that’s what drives me to be the best.

    What does being a realtor mean to you and your clients?

    It’s simple for me: I think it’s knowing that my clients are going to get the best quality of service, and knowing that I’m going to do everything that I can to make the process as easy for them as possible.

    In today’s market, why is it important for a buyer or a home seller to use a realtor to buy or sell a home?

    No two transactions are ever the same. Dealing with people in any sort of real estate capacity, you have to be able to roll with the punches. A lot of times, those other flat-rate brokerages don’t. They put you in a box and make every transaction the same. But when you’re working with a realtor who gets the personal interaction, you get that dedicated service you need.

    What do you want prospective clients to know about you?

    It really is all about making the transaction as easy as possible for you, as a buyer or a seller, and getting them everything that we can out of the transaction. It’s about doing the best to work on their behalf.

    What’s your best memory/client success story within the real estate industry?

    There’s a couple that, when I first talked to them, they did not think that they would be able to purchase a house – and it ended up working out for them!

    I enjoy whenever I can talk with people who don’t think that they can purchase and don’t think that it’s really feasible for them and their income, and show them that it’s actually much better for them. When you get to the closing table, and they’re realizing that they are actually purchasing a house and building a future – anytime you can do that, it’s a special interaction or occasion.

    What’s your favorite thing about living in Colorado?

    I like the fact that there are seasons, almost daily. You’ll always be able to wake up one day, and if it’s 30 degrees that day, it’ll be 70 the next. So it’s always changing, and it always keeps you on your toes.

    What’s one fun thing about you?

    I think I’m just competitive by nature, so I think that shows through my coaching, as well as in the real estate side of things. By being competitive and working on behalf of my clients, I put them in the best position to get everything that they want out of the transaction.

    Oh, and I’m leaving today to coach a softball team in a tournament in Las Vegas. That’s pretty fun!

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