Peak Performance: An Interview with Realtor Sandra Manriquez

    Sandra Manriquez is a realtor at Peak Properties Group. You can contact her at 720-908-7049 or

    Can you give me a little bit about you and your background? What prompted you to get into the real estate industry?

    Well, I come from a small town in Northern Colorado called Fort Lupton. I come from a hardworking family – they never really ventured out, they played it safe, and they made a good life for themselves.

    I was always the adventurous child, though, and I wanted to step out into the big city. I ended up bartending and serving at a steakhouse and working for a school part-time. One day, I went to one of those seminars about how to invest in real estate, and it opened my mind.

    A friend of mine had just gotten her real estate license, and I spoke to her about the process. That same day I was going into the school I worked at to accept a full-time position when that friend messaged me about the school she’d attended to get her license. “The sooner you get it done, the better.”

    So I had to make a decision – either a full-time position with the school or real estate. When I sat down to talk with the principal, he said, “We’d love to have you, but you’re meant to do more – and I feel like you’ll be able to succeed in life through that industry more than you would here.”

    I decided to take a leap of faith and go after real estate, and it’s just opened a bunch of doors for me that I never thought possible.

    What drives you to be the best at what you do in real estate?

    I think it’s the opportunity that it provides. As I said, my family was hardworking, and they had very strong morals and were very comfortable with their lives – but they didn’t get to travel, and they’re still working. With real estate, I saw that you could invest in properties, you can pull out equity, and you can pay off debt. You’re not just buying a home; you’re buying possibilities with that home.

    What does being a realtor mean to you and your clients?

    It means being the best that I can be by studying and acquiring the knowledge that I need, studying the market, and asking questions that I don’t know for my clients. I know I’m not only selling them a home – I’m selling them opportunities, and providing them with the knowledge and the experience that I have so that they can make an informed decision.

    In today’s market, why is it important for a buyer or a home seller to use a realtor to buy or sell a home?

    With our market, it’s always changing, and there are so many things said about it – both negative and positive. So, when you have an experienced agent is continuously studying the market, that puts you in a real advantage compared to others that don’t have that experience, knowledge, or exposure to the market. I think you have more confidence when you have a realtor alongside you to make that decision.

    What do you want prospective clients to know about you?

    I would like them to know that they’re not just getting an agent that’s going to sell them a house – they’re going to get a friend that’s going to share their knowledge and experience with them, and make it a fun experience and a comfortable environment where they can ask any questions that they have.

    What’s your best memory/client success story within the real estate industry?

    A funny story that comes into mind – once, I was showing a client a home, and we took our shoes off because the sellers requested it. As we were walking out, I locked the door up and my friend’s like, “I think you forgot your shoes!”

    What’s your favorite thing about living in Colorado?

    Oh, the diversity of the weather. I love the fact that you get all four seasons in one day here.

    What’s one fun thing about you?

    I am adventurous and spontaneous; I’ll try anything once. And I’ll tell you if I regret it or not – more than likely I won’t because I tried it. There are no regrets when you try everything.

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