Peak Performance: An Interview with Realtor Tammy Garner

    Tammy Garner is a realtor at Peak Properties Group. You can contact her at 970-420-7656 or

    Tell us a little bit about you and your background. How long have you been in the industry?

    I’m originally from Pennsylvania, and I graduated from college there with a degree in communications and public relations. I worked in marketing, communications, and public relations for quite a while, and then (my husband and I) moved to North Dakota. We were there for three years, and we’ve been in Colorado since 2015.

    I’ve been in the industry since 2017; I started as a licensed assistant to a high producer in Northern Colorado, and I started with Peak – on my own – in April of 2019.

    What drives you to be the best at what you do?

    I’m focused on my clients and making sure that they’re happy and they get into the home that’s a good place for them, one that makes them happy and fits all their needs. I try to make the process as smooth as possible – easy, not scary. Sometimes people don’t know what to do; being there to help them along the way and take them through the steps is the idea.

    Overall, my end goal is to make sure that I give outstanding customer service, that I stay in communication so they’re not wondering what’s going on, and that I help them reach their goal of homeownership or whatever else they’re looking for.

    What does being a realtor mean to you and your clients?

    When you’re working with a realtor, there’s someone there that is on your side, answering your questions, helping you through the process, negotiating for you, and providing clarification. Sometimes, if you try to go on your own without a realtor and go direct, head-to-head, with a seller or buyer, emotions get in the way. As a realtor, what we do is take that emotion out of the actual transaction and help them.

    It’s a business deal. So let’s get through it in a process where no one’s yelled at, people’s emotions aren’t getting away from them, and there’s a clear end goal. Our job is to be the middleman that makes a transaction smooth, and advocates for our clients to make sure they get what they need – and nothing shady is going down.

    In today’s market, why is it important for a buyer or home seller to use a realtor to buy or sell a home?

    With an agent, you have someone there that’s on your side, someone who’s advocating for you, and has the knowledge of what, when, and how things need to be done. If you don’t know the rules, laws, or even what is required when it comes to inspection – all the tasks involved – then you could be in trouble. Using a realtor just makes your life a lot easier, and they’re constantly advocating for you. You have someone on your side that is going to make sure that you’re not making decisions that you’re going to regret down the line.

    What’s your favorite thing about living in Colorado?

    Well, the weather is amazing. And so is the people. I’m from Pennsylvania, and I lived in North Dakota, and the people here are my favorite people. Everyone’s just happy. I’ve never met as many people as I have lived here – even the people serving fast food, or at the bank, or the gas station, or wherever. There are all the breweries you can go to … there’s just so much to do.

    What’s one fun thing about you?

    Well … I like to ride motorcycles. I’m also super involved in my kid’s hockey association. I like the outdoors. I just like to have a good time, and I’m very people-focused and very extroverted.

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