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    Your Guide to New Construction in Denver

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    Today we’re talking all about new construction in Denver. We’re here with Jason Eckhoff, who is going to explain what the process of buying a new construction home is like.

    Many builders in Colorado are aware of the aggressive market, so they are building up an inventory of new homes. Many people are under the impression that new homes take a long time to build, but that’s not the truth. In fact, most home builds are completed within 3 months, and can be done in as quickly as 30 days. There are even new homes that are already on the market. It’s definitely a viable option if you’re looking for a new home.


    If you’re considering buying a new home, it really does benefit you to work with an agent as your representation. According to Jason, builders love working with real estate agents. Builders work the cost of the buyer’s agent into their bottom line, so it doesn’t make sense for you to not have representation. It’s like going to court without a lawyer. You can do it, but it’s frowned upon.

    If you have any questions for us about new homes around the Denver metro or anything else real estate related, give us a call or send us an email. We would love to hear from you!

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