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    Poop pickup service, sent from the Gods!

    Colby the Husky - Loves CheeriosPoop… everyone does it. But mainly our dogs do it, a lot! I mean, a LOT! It’s neverending! If you have a yard you push them out into when you wake up in the morning (and in the evening after work) you feel the endless pain of the pickup. And if you don’t get the time to pick it up right away the yard is a disaster! It takes forever to pick up that nastiness, not to mention what do you do when it snows!?

    I want to introduce everyone to a service many have probably heard about but have not yet really considered getting. It’s poop pickup service. Should I perhaps say “Poop Concierge” instead? Makes it sound more fancy! It is an amazing service that takes the pain (and smell) out of your days with your pup and puts back the love our little mutts need!

    Alex and I have an 8 year old Corgi and a 2 year old Husky. These two are nuts together! It’s actually a quite hilarious combination. Watching a Corgi herd a Husky around the yard for hours on end is a highlight of our day. When I walk out that back door though I want to watch them play and play with them, not spend that time hunched over filling a stinky bag. So, we signed up for Poop 911. We have them coming in once a week in the morning and they fly through the yard in a few minutes and it’s spic ‘n span! That’s a big help and saves time during a busy work week! I know this reads like a review for Poop 911, but I’m glad I said yes to this service!

    Kaia the Corgi - Me WantsCheck out a few of the poop cleanup services around the Denver Metro area:
    Poop 911 (
    Pet Scoop (
    Doody Calls (
    Dogwood Poop Scoop (

    These are just a few, just Google/Bing “dog poop cleanup” and you’ll be on your way! Some even do cat boxes! 😉

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