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    Shake Off Winter and Celebrate Spring around Denver: The Top 3 Spring Festivals

    Spring has finally come to the Denver Metro area, and what better way to ring it in than with some festival fun and excitement? The real problem is trying to decide what, exactly, to spend your time on. With hundreds of events and festivals to choose from, it can be daunting to pick what’s really the best of the best, and potentially miss out on some hidden gems. These events will give you the unique, lively experience you crave after a long winter cramped indoors.


    Boulder Arts Week: March 27 – April 4, 2015

    While only in its second year, the Boulder Arts Week is off to a solid start. This inclusive celebration of Boulder’s local artists has something for every taste; whether you’re out to admire the art and sculpture exhibitions, or attend live music or dance performances. There’s something for every budget, as well – free and paid events are both on the menu. And the Boulder Arts Week is not just a spectator sport: lectures, workshops, and symposia are all on the menu as well, to get you involved in the rich culture that’s right on your doorstep. Get interested and get your hands dirty, and it may be your own pieces on display in 2016.

     XicanIndie Film Fest: April 9 – 12, 2015

    In its seventeenth year of operation, the XicanIndie Film Fest is proud to present the best of Latino World Cinema and homegrown productions from the Denver Latino community. For a cool ten dollars (seven for students and seniors), you can experience film showings for every taste and mood. This year boasts some truly fascinating pieces, such as a documentary on the politics behind the Spanish dubbing of Desperate Housewives (Now En Espanol), the haunting journey flick Book of Ruth, and, for some lighter fare, the romantic comedy Aguruphobia.


    South Denver Beer Festival: May 2 and 3, 2015

    For beer lovers, there’s no better place than the South Denver Beer Festival. With over 150 craft beers to sample and vote on, even longtime Littleton residents will find a new brew or brewery that they’ve never tasted before. Set against a scenic view of the Rockies, the event boasts live music, food trucks, outdoor games, and its legendary beard competition. The cool $40 fee includes unlimited tastings, as well as a souvenir tasting cup and free shuttle service from Downtown Littleton. Pay an extra $45 for VIP access, and you get access to the VIP tent for gourmet cheese and chocolate, early access, and a limited edition t-shirt to sweeten the deal. The event has a hard line age limit – 21-plus only, please – so attendees with kids are advised to hire a babysitter. However, this helps breed a relaxed, adult atmosphere that really lets you let loose, sample some beers, admire some beards, and make your ticket price worth it.

    Denver and the greater Denver area has hundreds of events just waiting to help you ring in spring 2015, and checking out these top picks will send you on your way in discovering the rest that the area has to offer.

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