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    Small spaces in your home? Utilize them better!



    If your living room is a little cramped or your bedroom can barely hold your bed (much less your shoe collection), it’s probably time to make a change. With a few simple adjustments, you can turn those small spaces into functional parts of your house. Take advantage of your small space with these tricks.

    1. Go vertical.
    For rooms with limited square footage, make the most of your wall space is the best thing that you can do. Whether you want to integrate a vertical garden, a magnetic spice rack or just a few extra shelves, you can maximize your space by using the height of your walls.

    2. Go big.
    It may seem counterintuitive, but you might want to opt for one or two pieces of big furniture instead of four or five little pieces. Don’t be afraid to try a big sofa instead of several loveseats!

    3. Use your doors.
    Don’t let the front of your cabinets and doors have all the fun – use the back, too! A mini-shelf on the interior of a door can hold tons of stuff: spices, utensils, you name it.

    4. Put your TV on the wall.
    Even if you have a flat screen, propping it up on a chunky entertainment system can hog three or four square feet! Wall-mount your TV or place it somewhere more convenient.

    5. Install above-toilet shelves.
    It’s easy to let this prime bathroom real estate go vacant, but there’s a lot you can do with this space! A few shelves above the toilet can hold magazines, toiletries and towels. Candles aren’t a bad idea, either.

    6. Double up on closet rods.
    Two is always better than one, right? So install a second closet rod. Use it for another row of dresses or suits, or throw on some hanging shelves for your shoes. For more ways to maximize your closet’s square footage, read these tips on increasing storage without using extra space.

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