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    The Tale of a Sale

    It starts with a thought and you then follow through–

    Start looking around for something that’s new.

    A downsize, an upsize, a place closer to town,

    You check out the market, start looking around.

    You think, “This place is great. It’s sure served us well.”

    But it’s time for a change and you’re ready to sell.

    You start a long list of the things that you’ll do.

    Oh dear! The carpet will need some shampoo.

    So, you roll up your sleeves and you set out to work–

    And you empty out closets? It surely can’t hurt.

    The yard gets a mowing, the weeds are all gone.

    You inspect every room, to make sure nothing’s wrong.

    The job is a big one but the payoff is too–

    It could mean a simple, quick sale could go through.

    So, the baths see some care that you’ve long overlooked.

    And you organize shelves–all your knickknacks and books.

    You inspect every wall and repair any dings,

    And walk through with paper to jot down some things

    That need to be done or fixed or repaired.

    You tighten the railing that goes up the stairs.

    You repaint some walls and start weeding out clutter!

    Your house should move fast. (It’s like none of the others.)

    You pack up the things you don’t use every day

    And rethink décor that might drive folks away.

    Personal photos are tucked safely away

    And mauves and blues become browns and grays.

    You update the old things and purchase some new

    Hoping the changes mean more money to you.

    You’ve found the right realtor to get the job done.

    You know their good work, and you’re sure they’re the one.

    So you show them your house and say, “We’ve worked hard.

    We think that it’s ready, the whole house and the yard.”

    The agent suggests a few more things to do,

    To make sure you make bank when a deal all goes through.

    A few more things might help, they offer some tips.

    And you’re happy to have some good help like this.

    There might be some staging, a few things to improve–

    That show off your home, that might hasten your move.

    Then you walk it again, to be sure nothing’s missed.

    The agent approves and says, “I say we list!”

    It’s bright and inviting. It really looks great.

    A sign goes in the yard, and then you all wait.

    You’re thinking that it should go through with great ease.

    After all, that’s how things always go on TV.

    Sure, there are stories of sales the first day,

    But the truth is few of them happen that way.

    There’s a showing, another, and then one more, too.

    You keep things cleaned up like they tell you to do.

    You’re ready each day in case this is the one–

    The showing that might get your job done.

    And then the call comes, there just might be a deal.

    And you talk through the details and decide how you feel.

    The price sounds about right the details do too–

    And you smile cuz it means your dreams have come true.

    When you go out of the driveway you’re feeling like gold–

    There’s a sign on the sign, and this one says SOLD!

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