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    The Top 4 Barbecue Joints in Denver this Fall

    Image Credit – Big Country BBQ

    (Because “Top 5” Lists Are Overrated)

    Once upon a time, Colorado was home to cowboys and ranchers, waving pistols and lassos. Fast forward 200 years, and the demographic looks a bit different. Cowboy hats have been replaced by Patagonia jackets; people have opted for canines over cattle; and the abundance of marijuana has made us somewhat of a peaceful crowd, so our guns are all but rusted over.

    However, there is one thing hasn’t changed over the centuries: a profound love for the delicious grub that is barbecue.

    Big Country BBQlogo-1

    The owner is a culinary artist…and a native of Texas. We could probably stop there, as an affiliation with the Lone Star State is an automatic qualification for the “best barbecue” title. (I mean, seriously, is there such a thing as a Texan without barbecue expertise?) But whether you choose to frequent the brick and mortar location or the wide-roaming food truck, Bic Country BBQ serves the best damn barbecue in Denver. Hands down. (Any other opinion is simply wrong.) Because in addition to their mouthwatering meats, they use only local ingredients from sustainable ranches. And their meals are served with biodegradable utensils.

    Save a horse, ride a cowboy. Save the earth, get your BBQ fix at Big Country. See the recent write up in the DenverPost about Big Country BBQ – Click HERE

    Brother’s BBQ

    To the unaccustomed palate, all barbecue might taste the same. But if you head to one of Brother’s BBQ’s five Denver locations, you might find yourself learning a bit more about the variations of barbecues from different regions (specifically Kansas City, Texas, Memphis, and Carolina).

    Our one precaution? Beware of the cheesy racecar theme that seems to be prevalently used throughout the chain.

    logo-2Yazoo BBQ Company

    Although they tend to brag a bit excessively about all of the awards they’ve received for their delectable dishes, we’ve got to admit that Yazoo BBQ Company is a top contender in the Denver barbecue scene. So confidently indulge from the “Pick Your Pleasure” menu, and if you’re feeling particularly adventurous (read: suicidal), you’re always welcome to try the “Sign a Disclaimer” hot sauce.

    Moe’s Original BBQ

    Do you know the official term used to describe people from Alabama? Alabamians. Do you know who founded Moe’s Original BBQ? Alabamians. Do you know who likes Moe’s Original BBQ? Alabamians (and everyone who has ever tried it, including thousands of Coloradans).

    Bonus points if you can say “Al the Alabamian advantageously arrived in Aspen with an arsenal of addictive and aromatic…meat” five times fast.

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