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    Top Five Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Busy Spring Open House

    An open house may seem like yet another onerous task for your moving to-do list, but it could be the one that results in the sale of your house. Not only does it open your doors to a slew of new potential buyers, it also creates a sense of urgency in those who’ve already had a private showing if they drop in as well. Houses must be seen to be sold, and a well prepared open house is a way to welcome in as many viewers as possible.

    1. Create Curb Appeal

    First impressions matter. Even though the attention of viewers switches away from the yard and home exterior once they’re inside, what they see when they first pull up to the curb influences their state of mind going in. A clean, freshly painted front door, stylish house numbers, weed-free garden and colorful hanging baskets or path-adjacent planters all contribute to a more favorable first impact. Keep your grass trimmed and neatly edged, and clear away house side clutter

    2. Control Room Temperature

    Your potential buyers and realtor alike will appreciate a comfortable environment when they spend time in your home. With June temperatures in Denver averaging as high as 80 degrees, stepping into an air-conditioned space is a welcome relief and adds to the appeal of your listing. This is particularly true when an open house is well attended, with many people in the home at one time. Make sure that your AC is working or consider an installation if you don’t have it already.

    3. Offer Refreshments

    Nothing wins the hearts and minds like an offering of tasty snacks and beverages. Provide low maintenance, cutlery-free finger foods such as cookies, with small plates and napkins available. Set up a beverage station that includes coffee, hot water for tea or hot chocolate, bottled water and even canned non-alcoholic choices. Decorate with a tablecloth and a bouquet of flowers for added visual appeal. 

    4. Create Space

    You’re moving anyway, so clear out excess items and bulky furniture so that buyers see your space rather than your stuff. Leave only the furnishings and decor items that flatter your home’s interior. With the bulk of your belongings stashed in a storage locker, open house guests will have a better idea of the dimensions of your home and an increased appreciation for its potential, as well as be able to move through your house comfortably in the presence of other visitors.

    5. Clean and Clear Away

    It might seem obvious that you should clean your house, or even hire cleaners, before it’s viewed by potential buyers. What is not so obvious is the impact your personal items have on the viewers’ experience. 

    Make them feel like they are entering a space that could be theirs rather than stepping into your environment. Put away personal items such as family photos and children’s fridge art, and clear away as much of your daily living items as you can.

    It may seem counterproductive to invest time and effort into beautifying a house you plan to leave, but your  efforts in cleaning, sprucing up and staging your home for sale can make a difference in how quickly it will sell. Even small financial investments in professional services such as cleaning, painting or landscaping can pay for themselves and help you achieve your goal of a successful spring open house that can result in the sale of your home.



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