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    Wee Living

    Tiny house living isn’t for the faint of heart; it’s definitely an acquired taste. The small house movement advocates freedom through simplicity. In contrast to the average American home (2,600 sq ft), small houses (400 sq ft or less) reduce your footprint and leave more time for doing the things you love. Tiny home enthusiasts are simplifying their lifestyles due to environmental concerns, financial strains, and the innate desire to live free. For most Americans, up to half of their income is dedicated to the roof over their heads. Instead of living paycheck to paycheck, the tiny home movement is suggesting an alternative lifestyle, achieved by living smaller and owner fewer things.




    Just 30 minutes outside of Boulder, CO, in a tiny town called Lyons; you can experience tiny house living first hand. WeeCasa is Colorado’s first tiny home hotel, consisting of around 17 different tiny homes to choose from; ranging in size from 135 sq ft up to 250 sq ft. WeeCasa gives guests an opportunity to try before you buy, and realistically assess if trading in the American sized home for a more eco-friendly abode could work for you and your lifestyle. But if tiny house living isn’t really your thing you should still visit WeeCasa as it’s a prime location to access Rocky Mountain National park and enjoy some of Colorado’s best hiking trails. WeeCasa rates start at $139 a night.


    Don’t have time to stay the night? WeeCasa is offering a tiny home tour this month; allowing you to pop your head inside and see what tiny living is all about. For more information about the tours visit WeeCasa’s Facebook Page


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