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    What is the “Brooklyn” of Denver, CO?

    Brooklyn is the trendy, hipster borough of New York City. Although it experienced a decline in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, the area has boomed over the last few decades, and people across the world now know it as the epicenter of culture, dining, and nightlife. While Denver has a lot of neighborhoods that are currently experiencing a rebirth like Brooklyn did, the area that is perhaps most like Brooklyn, in my opinion, is LoHi–the area once known as Highland and now considered one of the most hipster neighborhoods in America.

    This article on LoHi gives a rundown of the neighborhood. Here’s why I think it makes clear that the area could be considered the Brooklyn of Denver:

    It’s Been Officially Recognized as a Hipster Neighborhood

    In 2012, Forbes named LoHi as the 17th Best Hipster Neighborhood in America. Williamsburg, one of the most popular neighborhoods in Brooklyn, made the same list in the number three spot.

    It Has a Variety of Housing Options

    Brooklyn is both a residential and commercial area, and there are tons of different housing options there: from apartments to brownstones to single-family homes with yards. LoHi is similar in this way: there are townhomes, single family homes, condos, lofts, and so much more. Many of the residential options in the area are old, historic buildings that have been renovated and updated.

    It Has Great Dining Spots

    Brooklyn is known as a dining hotspot, with nine Michelin-starred restaurants and a wide variety of authentic ethnic eateries. LoHi also has excellent dining options, and the choices are wide and varied. Some of the best restaurants in Denver are in this neighborhood, including Root Down, Uncle, and Spuntino.

    It Has Lots to Do

    Like most areas of New York City, Brooklyn is packed with things to do. LoHi is similar, and it has tons of great attractions, like popular shopping destination Common Era, Common Park, and the National Ballpark Museum.

    It’s Artsy

    One thing that makes Brooklyn hipster is that it’s a creative place, where musicians, street artists, and creators are drawn. LoHi is also an artistic area. The neighborhood has the National Velvet Sculpture, which was created as a piece of street art by artist John McEnroe and installed in 2008. Across the river from LoHi is also the Museum of Contemporary Art, which is a draw for tourists and locals alike.

    Learn More About LoHi

    If you want to learn more about LoHi, I highly suggest you check out this article on the neighborhood. You can learn more about why it’s a great place to call home if you’re looking for a trendy, artsy, thriving neighborhood in Denver.

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