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Englewood Real Estate

Welcome to Englewood, CO!

It can be hard to score a home that’s near a city, yet safe, beautiful and surrounded by a happy community. Englewood, one of the older suburbs of Denver, is the perfect spot in Arapahoe County for you. Citizens here love the outdoors, their families, art and entertainment – but also peace and quiet – and it’s the place to find success.

The Lifestyle: Distinctively Denver with Suburban Safety

Englewood is a historic area of south Denver, with sophisticated taste and a thriving small business district along South Broadway. However, spreading out from this core is a quiet suburb, with Colorado’s usual taste for state-of-the-art open spaces and parks. The High Line Canal Trail passes through the area, connecting residents by bike or by foot to the metro area’s expansive trails system. Englewood enjoys a strong presence of families and seniors, which helps to keep crime rates low. All-around, Englewood is a quiet town, with little noise after dark except along its nightlife strip.

Englewood, CO’s Real Estate Market

Englewood is a community of medium-sized single-family homes, generally having three to four bedrooms, but sometimes varying upward in size. As an older area, Englewood has a reasonable selection of homes built on slightly larger lots than typically found in suburban areas, many of which are ranch-styles that were built from the 1940s to the 1960s. There are also a number of newer developments, mostly built in the 1990s, featuring split-level and multi-story homes in more modern styles.

Featured Neighborhoods in Englewood, CO

  • Vista Pointe
  • City Center
  • West Quincy Avenue
  • West Chenango Avenue
  • South Downing Street

You’ll Enjoy: Fun for All Ages

Living in Englewood keeps you close to some of Denver’s best attractions!

  • Hit Englewood’s historic Gothic Theatre to catch tours from rock, metal, alternative, EDM, and other kinds of artists. Also check out their partner venue, Moe’s BBQ, for a smaller floor and incredible wings.
  • Colorado has the best natural parks, but some planned ones are great too! The famous Belleview Park has awesome features, including the Pirates Cove Aquatic Center.
  • Whether you’re ready to hit the real rock climbing or not, indoor climbing is a fun way to work out. Try a nearby climbing gym such as Rock’n Jam’n to give it a go.
  • Cruise north past Elitch’s, to Colorado’s historic amusement park: Lakeside! This historic icon features awesome rides for visitors big and small.

Distinguished Schools in Englewood, CO

The City of Englewood is served by the Englewood School District.

Perfect For: Finding That Everyday Family Vibe

Englewood has stayed a calm suburban village since it was established, despite its busy business corridor along south Broadway and proximity to downtown. Residents typically have urban tastes in aesthetic and entertainment, but like their neighborhoods a little more spacious than downtown’s cramped historic districts.

Englewood is also a highly educated city, with about one-third of all adults holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. There is a very strong presence of families, particularly families with multiple children; it’s a firmly middle-class area, with a healthy, diverse blend of workers, and this rich local community supports one another in common goals, such as supporting small business and advocating for strong local schools.

Englewood, CO Utilities

The Workforce: Technical, Skillful, and Recognized

Englewood is a diverse area, with a substantial amount of its workforce self-employed or employed in small businesses, as well as a high number of workers employed in large south Denver companies. The nearby Denver Tech Center is home to a number of influential businesses, representing much of Denver’s economic activity in the engineering, computer science, mathematics, teaching, and health care industries. Some areas of Englewood and nearby parts of Denver are prime areas for business development, with economic incentives for founders in the area as well as low property taxes.

Top employers near Englewood include:

Why Live Here: Englewood Was Gold Then, and It’s Gold Now

The “Father of Englewood” Thomas Skerritt made the right choice when he settled his 640 acres that are now most of Englewood. This area is beautiful, perfectly located near the best of downtown Denver, and has stayed cool and classy ever since its founding. This diverse community is a perfect place to find your home near Denver.