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    Evergreen & Morrison, CO Living in Evergreen/Morrison: Lifestyle, Amenities and Real Estate

    Welcome to Evergreen & Morrison, CO!

    This area, resting in the valleys before I-70 carves into the mountains, is still one of Colorado’s better-kept secrets. Close to the best of the mountains’ attractions, the towns of Evergreen and Morrison are still just close enough to the suburbs to give you the best of both worlds. It’s easy to see why so many people are in love with the Rocky Mountains when you live in their entryway! Learn more today about finding your home in the foothills.

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    The Lifestyle: Urban Sophistication Meets Quiet Mountain Town

    The kind of people who are attracted to Evergreen and Morrison enjoy peace and quiet, and have high expectations for their families and communities. Downtown Evergreen offers the best of urban tastes for entertainment, with lively dancing and unique shops; Evergreen has a lively art community, and local nonprofit Art for the Mountain Community throws regular events, contests, and scavenger hunts. Meanwhile, Colorado’s laid-back nature and priority for preserving the wilderness means there are endless parks and adventures to be discovered.

    Evergreen and Morrison Real Estate

    The Evergreen and Morrison area of Jefferson County is known for beautiful lots of varying acreage, with many houses in the foothills having been built by individuals during the 1960s and 1970s. Additionally, the area has been a hot spot for development in recent years, offering prospective homebuyers a number of newer construction options.

    Colorado enjoys low real estate prices relative to its quality of life, and Evergreen and Morrison is a great place to get incredible value and a healthy community. Evergreen and Morrison enjoys an especially low crime rate, which is thanks to its quiet population of mostly families and retirees, with low numbers of renters and students.

    Featured Neighborhoods in Evergreen/Morrison, CO

    • Wah Keeney Park
    • Hidden Valley
    • Rosedale
    • Aspen Park
    • Town Center
    • Kitty Drive

    Evergreen/Morrison CO Real EstateYou’ll Enjoy: The Relaxation of Mountain Mentality

    Hiking, camping, and a sense of adventure are what make up everyday life in Evergreen and Morrison. Don’t miss these ideas for how to have fun near your new home:

    Distinguished Schools in Evergreen and Morrison, CO

    The Evergreen and Morrison area is served by Jeffco Public Schools. Prestigious schools nearby include:

    Perfect For: Upscale Living and Beautiful Views

    Evergreen and Morrison preserves some of the best of the rapidly developing foothills. Most of the families, couples, and individuals who own homes here are in higher income brackets, but there’s a bit of economic diversity along with the other cultural diversity in town; the population is generally urban-acculturated even though the town is small, and the philanthropic and culturally appreciative nature of these people cultivates an artsiness in the community.

    Morrison in particular is popular with retirees, and both Morrison and Evergreen enjoy an especially highly educated population, with far higher rates of adults with bachelor’s and master’s degrees than most communities nationwide.

    Evergreen/Morrison, CO Utilities

    The Workforce: Clever, Creative, and Competitive

    Evergreen and Morrison is a successful area, with nine out of ten adults in its workforce employed in white-collar jobs. Most people in Evergreen and Morrison are employed in management, sales, math, computing, and teaching fields, and there’s also a strong presence of people employed in the arts, marketing, and media; additionally, Evergreen and Morrison has an unusually high population of scientists, teachers (particularly college professors) and health care professionals. Over 14 percent of Evergreen and Morrison area residents work from home, either operating their own businesses or as telecommuters, typically in computing and IT industries. Top employers near Evergreen and Morrison include:

    Why Live Here: Everything Is Better in the Mountains

    The Front Range is a friendly frontier, and it’s waiting for you to come find your treasure like the settlers who have gone before. Living in the foothills keeps you close to the most important things Denver has to offer, yet gives you a truly peaceful lifestyle. With its fun and diverse population and mountain mentality, there’s no way to beat the lifestyle Evergreen and Morrison has to offer!

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