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Golden Real Estate

Welcome to Golden, CO

The city of Golden is the heart of the Colorado foothills nestled comfortably at the base of the majestic Rocky Mountains. There slogan is “Where The West Lives” and it fits perfectly. Their history is one of perseverance and pioneer spirit.

That spirit remains today contributing to the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. People here are still pushing the boundaries and expanding the borders of what is and what can be for themselves, their state, and their country.

The Lifestyle

The lifestyle here is a combination of small town friendliness, world class scenery, and a diverse community. You will meet people who have lived and invested resources here for decades; people who own shops in the downtown district or have worked for years at the Coors Brewery.

You will meet young professionals creating new businesses and competing in on the entrepreneurial frontier to make a name for themselves. What they all have in common is a love for Golden and the unique blend of outdoor and economically forward living. As in many parts of Colorado, the people who live in this area value the ability to temper hard work, with hard play.

Golden, CO’s Real Estate Market

Golden, Colorado is a well established market of highly sought after homes. Ranking not only as some of the most expensive in Colorado, but also the country it will take on average a generous amount of capital to move here.

The homes in this demographic are highly priced because of their desirable location so near the mountains. However; younger people and those not yet possessing this prerequisite wealth, need not despair. There are older homes in several neighborhoods that maintain a reasonable price despite this great location. They may be fixer uppers, but other local home prices are a testament to their worthy investment.

Featured Neighborhoods in Golden

You’ll Enjoy:

The Great Outdoors

Beautiful mountains that are for more than views. No matter what time of year their are endless outdoor activities right in residents’ backyards. To name a few you will have access to skiing, mountain biking, alpine sliding, zip lines, fishing, hiking, and rock climbing. This nearly endless supply of activity is buoyed by an active community dedicated to preserving this areas natural beauty.

Rich History

Golden is home to some of Colorado’s most lauded museums and history. Once the states capital it was a starting point of pioneer trails and a gold rush boom town, Golden is great place to learn the history of the American West. Founded in the late 1850’s Golden’s history extends twenty plus years before Colorado was even a state. this deep past allows Golden visitors and those who live there, to exercise their minds in place where it is commonplace to exercise their bodies.

Growing and Diverse Economy

As said before the pioneering spirit is alive and well in Golden, the scope of which is now the business frontier as opposed to the rough and tumble mountains. This culture of innovation has contributed to a stable economy even in these tumultuous financial times we are facing as a country. Living here means reaping the benefits of this and having opportunities to contribute.

Distinguished Schools 

Perfect For

Ambitious Self Starters & Active Families

Golden is perfect for people trying to pursue dreams in any number of businesses. You will find an environment of similarly minded people, working to cultivate new ideas. It is a great place to foster an innovative idea from infancy into a booming business.

It also a great place for families to live and grow together among a backdrop of healthy living and beautiful mountains. Parents will find that their children will have a multitude of opportunities to reach their full potential.

The small community feel lends itself to the low crime rates and safety enjoyed by residents. Families and go-getters alike will thrive in this scenic city.

Golden, CO Utilities

The Workforce

The workforce is made up hardworking individuals dedicated to their future and their cities’ as well. Whether they are factory workers crafting one of America’s favorite beers; Coors, or young engineers working in a number of specialties, Golden is a great place to work.

Why Live Here

Live in Golden to broaden your horizons, enjoy the outdoors, and extend your opportunities to achieve your dreams. The Home of the West is beautiful place to work, live, and play.