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    Lakewood Real Estate

    Lakewood, CO is adjacent to the beautiful Rocky Mountains but in the foothills so the mountains do not get in the way of getting around.

    The city itself had a large population of 142,980 as of 2010 and it is close to the large city of Denver as well and well connected via multiple major highways. This city is a great location no matter your family size or what type of activities you like as it has a bit of something for everyone.


    The schools in Lakewood are of the highest quality and their methods have proven successful with the city having both ACT and SAT scores that are higher than the overall state average. If you live in Lakewood, your kids will go to one of the elementary schools, five middle schools and ten public high schools.

    There are also private schools as well as those designed for children with special needs, all of which offer a great education. There are even multiple colleges and universities in the area.

    Outdoor Activities

    If you love the outdoors, then you will find yourself right at home in Lakewood. Despite being such a large area, its location right by the Rockies makes it ideal for all sorts of outdoor activities no matter the time of year. In the summer, you can go hiking, backpacking, camping or fishing. In the winter, you have plenty of nearby options for skiing and snowboarding.

    There are also plenty of outdoor recreation areas within the city such as bear Creek Lake Park and opportunities to golf. In fact, the city has over 7,000 acres that are used for parks and other recreational activities and this includes an amazing 80 miles of trails for hiking and biking.

    Cultural Activities And The Arts

    If you prefer to spend your time indoors, then Lakewood, CO still has plenty of great activities. The Lakewood Heritage Center is a museum dedicated to showing visitors about the history of the city and the surrounding areas. There are also several art galleries located throughout the city that show artwork from local artists as well as those from around the country.

    There are also plenty of performances and events from concerts to plays that take place at various times of the year and include free parking. Some events are geared towards all ages, while others are specifically designed for families with children.


    In a city the size of Lakewood, it is no surprise that you will have plenty of shopping opportunities. If you are looking for a mall environment, you can go to Colorado Mills or Belmar and if you would prefer walking through streets to find your favorite store, you can head on over to Colfax and Wadsworth.

    There are also several other shopping centers in the area and of course, the city is close to Denver if you ever feel the need to go to a larger city.


    No matter where you want to go in or around Lakewood, you will not have a problem getting there. Not only is it connected to Denver via major highways, but it also lies on the Denver metro system as well.

    In fact, traveling and moving is a breeze as it is only about 45 minutes from the Denver airport. There are also plenty of sidewalks and bike paths throughout the city for those who prefer green transportation.

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