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Lone Tree Real Estate

Welcome to Lone Tree, CO

So you’re looking for the right place to apply your skills and achieve your dreams, right? Lone Tree is the upwardly-mobile community for you! This town, tucked into the south side of Denver next to Centennial, is comparable to Boulder in levels of educated adults and family incomes.

It’s not just a hotspot for business, but also part of Denver’s enthusiastic cultural orbit of arts, entertainment, and diversity. If you’re looking for a place that’s tightly networked with urban business but still awesome for having fun and raising kids, welcome home.

The Lifestyle: Calm and Classy

Lone Tree residents enjoy the peace of suburban living, the beauty of the mountainscapes and parks, and the convenience of proximity to Denver. Lone Tree happily has some of the lowest crime rates in the area (and in the nation), and can be considered a generally wealthy community.

Did you know Colorado has the most parks per capita, with the Denver metro area park network alone having over 205? Beautiful nearby open spaces like the Cherry Creek Reservoir and Chatfield Reservoir lend to the well-preserved natural beauty that Colorado works hard to protect.

Lone Tree, CO’s Real Estate Market

Homes in Lone Tree are famously luxurious, having mostly been built since the 1970s and many having been built since 2000. Vacancy rates are low, indicating that residents enjoy great economic stability, and also treasure their Lone Tree homes. Most homes are on the large side, with four to five bedrooms, but to the northern side of town there is also a broader selection of three- to four-bedroom homes.

Featured Neighborhoods in Lone Tree, CO

Distinguished Schools in Lone Tree, CO

Lone Tree is served by the Douglas County School District. Students in Colorado also enjoy open enrollment policy, and have the opportunity to attend nearby private, charter, and public schools in prestigious districts like Cherry Creek Schools.

Notable schools near Lone Tree include:

Perfect For: Getting the Most Out of Your Resources

Lone Tree is a great place not just for families and hard workers, but also for great entertainment, thanks to Denver’s diverse and ambitious population. Whether you’re doing the traditional 9-5 job and have two kids and a dog, or are an adventurous and counter-cultural young couple of entrepreneurs, Lone Tree is a good place to work hard and play harder. Lone Tree is especially great for starting your own business, with no city property taxes and low municipal tax rates.

Lone Tree, CO Utilities

The Workforce: Ambitious, Educated, and Doing Meaningful Things

Plenty of publications have observed that Colorado is a great place for business and career success, including having over one quarter of the top 100 businesses in the country to work for.

Lone Tree especially enjoys an atmosphere of success, with a clearly-cut white-collar workforce, heavily employed in management, financial services, IT, and engineering industries. Additionally, over ten percent of Lone Tree’s workers are telecommuters from home (mirroring other successful communities like Silicon Valley), and business operations in Lone Tree represent nearly one-fourth of Colorado’s total economy.

Top employers near Lone Tree include:

Why Live Here: It’s Where to Influence and Be Well-Influenced

Everyone knows that Colorado is a great place to be, but Lone Tree is one of the brighter stars among Denver’s high-class suburbs. Residents blend frontier friendliness with career success and great health, and it’s close to everything Denver has to offer. Between the successful population, Colorado’s famous outdoor recreation, and the safety and modernity of the neighborhoods, Lone Tree is a universal winner!