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    Lowry in Denver, CO

    Looking for a slice of suburban comfort in the heart of Denver? Lowry is exactly the right place to begin your search. This master-planned community, convenient to Downtown Denver and the magnificent Rocky Mountains nearby, has much to offer, including spacious homes, abundant greenery and a charming, family-friendly atmosphere.

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    Perfect for young professionals, families and even retirees, this friendly community is one of Denver’s most coveted places to live nowadays. Those seeking a blend of affordability, convenience and neighborly charm should take a good look at Lowry and what it has to offer.

    Beautiful Homes in a Family-Friendly Atmosphere

    Lowry, built atop the former Lowry Field and Lowry Air Force base, offers a modern housing inventory with ample options to choose from. This mixed-use community features more than 4,500 homes and apartments, including spacious single-family homes, charming townhouses and contemporary multi-family homes with outstanding amenities.


    Real estate prices in the community are very reasonable and enjoy solid property values as well, making Lowry an affordable, livable place to own your next home or apartment.

    An Exceptional Quality of Life in a Great Location

    Lowry is very convenient to Downtown Denver and its wealth of cultural, historical and entertainment attractions as well as the nearby Rocky Mountains and their endless array of outdoor activities throughout the year.

    Lowry also hosts a number of superb public and private schools like Lowry Elementary School as well as other options like the Denver Montclair International School. It also enjoys easy access to nearby highways and major streets, not to mention several bus routes and the nearby Denver International Airport.

    In addition to its ideal location and great amenities, Lowry also features almost 800 acres of lush parkland, acclaimed shops and restaurants at the Lowry Town Center and nightlife options like the Lowry Beer Garden.

    The community’s mix of diverse retail options, plentiful parkland and convenient transportation options give it a quality of life that most other neighborhoods in the city can only envy.

    Outstanding Attractions to Discover

    Lowry offers a rich variety of its own attractions and also boasts close proximity to sites of interest in Downtown Denver and throughout the region. The Lowry Town Center is packed with shops and restaurants of every kind while beautiful parks, golf courses, nature preserves and trails abound throughout the community.

    Cultural attractions in the neighborhood include the Wings Over the Rockies Museum and the Schlessman Public Library while the John Hand Theater offers acclaimed shows and performances year round.

    Elsewhere in Denver, residents can find top-notch attractions like the Denver Art Museum, City Park, Chessman Park, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, the 16th Street Mall and much more.

    Outside of the city, Lowry residents are free to explore the spectacular Rocky Mountains, the cultural and entertainment offerings of Colorado Springs and much more.