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    PEAK MoveABILITY Powered by: Easyknock

    Peak MoveABILITY for Homeowners


    Get the time and money you need now to find and fund your next home. Forget bridge loans and second mortgages. Now you can access the value of your home without disrupting your life, and move on your timeline.


    • Apply

    Find out if you’ve got enough equity locked in your house to qualify. The human connection means everything to us. We’ll set up a call to get to know you, your situation, and your goals.

    • Receive a Personalized Plan

    After we get to know you, our experts will develop a personalized plan. We’ll walk you through all the terms, costs and dollars. Only when
    you’re 110% comfortable does the Purchase Agreement get signed.

    • We Close and you Receive Time and Money

    Take as much time as you want to find your next place. And because you’ve got the cash, you can close fast – a great bargaining chip.

    • You Stay As a Renter

    You stay in the house and pay market rent until you sell the home and move.

    • Move When You’re Ready

    When you decide, we’ll put your current house on the market, with the realtor of your choice. After closing, you get any remaining value in the home – plus 100% of any profit.

    MoveAbility – Cash Out Now, Move Later from EasyKnock on Vimeo.