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    SewerView – Independent Sewer Scope Professionals

    The customer is at the heart of our business – meaning we are truly here to provide a useful, valued and meaningful service to a potential property buyer. Our services are totally geared around getting the customer the information they need, quickly, and documenting fully the situation for them.

    We accomplish this by using state of the art technology, with a unique and personal method of delivery. Because we are a totally mobile service, we have the unique ability to arrive rapidly on customer site, and can provide the ideal balance of quality service, full documentation on DVD, and rapid deployment.

    Because we are customer oriented, and have become well known here in the Denver area, we are able to offer a highly competitive rate for this service as well. Ninety percent of our business comes from prior client referral, not advertising. We value our clients dearly, and they refer us to friends, family and other businesses. We are also actively involved in the community, participating in the home and property ownership process, by working with Chambers of Com
    merce, Real Estate Advisory groups, and business networking within the Denver Community.

    We stand behind our work, and treat the customer like a dear friend – providing them with the insight and knowledge they need in order to avoid problems, renegotiate an appropriate price, or decide if the property is truly worth it.


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