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    Sloan’s Lake in Denver, CO

    For those who love the great outdoors and the beautiful Colorado Mountains, there’s no better place than Sloan’s Lake. Along with its park and neighborhood, Sloan’s Lake is located just outside the western limits of downtown Denver.

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    Spanning more than 177 acres, Sloan’s Lake Park is Denver’s second-biggest park. Many legendary stories live on as to how the lake was created, with the most famous being of how a local farmer dug a well on the land and accidentally wound up flooding the area, thus helping to create the lake. From colorful stories of its past to today’s mix of cultural and recreational activities, Sloan’s Lake has something for everyone.

    The Neighborhood of Sloan’s Lake

    Sloan’s Lake is home to a diverse group of citizens. With over 8,500 residents and an average household income of $48,000 the area is a true cross-section of Denver.

    Housing selections in the neighborhood are equally as diverse, ranging from newer homes displaying modern architectural trends to 1920’s-style bungalows offering a more intimate charm. Over 55 percent of area residents own their homes, and the average price of $260,000 is well below Denver’s average price.

    Outdoor Activities

    With clean mountain air and spectacular views, Sloan’s Park offers those who are active plenty of options. Biking and jogging on trails near the lake are very popular activities, as are hiking in the nearby mountains. Within the park, basketball and tennis courts are popular stops for kids and adults alike.


    Of course, with a beautiful lake at their doorstep residents cannot pass up the chance to spend time in or near the water. Whether it’s being on the lake in a boat or sitting on a nearby bank with a fishing pole, Sloan’s Lake has an activity to make any day one to remember.

    Arts and Entertainment

    With it’s cultural diversity, Sloan’s Lake is home to some of the area’s most interesting festivals. One of the most popular events is the Dragon Boat Festival, a celebration of Asian-American culture, food, living and more.

    Other activities include numerous local arts and crafts shows, concerts and parades within the park and just outside of downtown Denver.

    A broad mix of shopping experiences awaits those living around Sloan’s Lake. From big-box retailers such as Wal-Mart to countless local shops offering everything from antiques and jewelry to various ethnic treasures, the true shopaholic will have plenty of places to let them shop until they drop.

    Area Schools

    Because the area is home to many families with young children, quality schools are an important part of the daily life. Many public schools are located within walking distance of homes, and for those older students Lake Middle School has an excellent reputation as one of the better schools in the district.

    With its combination of diverse families, activities and other amenities Sloan’s Lake offers the best in work and play. For those who call it home, they cannot imagine living anywhere else. For those seeking a new place to call home, it’s a dream come true.