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    Washington Park – Denver, CO

    Washington Park is a beautifully constructed public park that was created in 1899 for the city of Denver, Colorado. It combines a variety of architectural influences and leisure activities such as the Boat House on Smith Lake, the tennis courts or the numerous winding trails around the vast green lawns.

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    It has been a prominent area for community events since its first days as its wide open spaces and gorgeous flower gardens make it a beautiful place to relax and convene.

    The Neighborhood Debate

    The park itself is located in the central part of the city, and it is one of the biggest at 165 acres. The surrounding area is referred to as the Washington Park neighborhood.

    There is some local debate as to what specific area constitutes the Washington Park community because some believe that both sides of the park are their own separate entities. However, the whole of Denver seems to refer to the area that surrounds the park as the eponymous neighborhood.


    Amble Along the Paths of Washington Park

    The park features several bodies of water including two lakes and a small pond. They include a small beach and beautiful trees lining their edges. Its pastoral scene is reminiscent of European parks and manor houses.

    However, Denver is growing and expanding around the park’s perimeters. Many feel it is becoming too urban and that the park might be in danger of pollution or overcrowding. However, the city of Denver is working hard to preserve the park and all of its historic amenities.

    Regardless of its potential demise, Washington Park continues to offer residents a fabulous place to meet and rewind. The parks many amenities include several playgrounds, sport fields, a pool, tennis courts, and numerous trails. It is also home to the Perennial Garden, the largest flower space in Denver.

    Those who want to see a beautiful place in heart of city have no other choice but to visit Washington Park. In a city surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains, it can be easy to take nature for granted.

    This park is a great way to connect with nature even if you live in an urban city. The measures that Denver is taking to preserve the park will continue to make it a popular place for many years to come.

    Exploring the Surrounding Neighborhood

    The neighborhood surrounding Washington Park is one of the loveliest examples of architecture in the city. Many homes are turn of the century Victorian homes that were built in the years following the park’s creation. There are a variety of small stores and restaurants in the area that give the community a quaint feel despite its urban location.

    As you can see, the Washington Park neighborhood is great example of older architecture integrated into a modern landscape. If you are visiting the city, then you cannot miss out on a chance to walk around Washington Park in order to appreciate its beauty.